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The Brief Introduction of the Investment Fund managed by TC Consulting for New Business Devlopments



TC Consulting Co., Ltd. is managing the corporate venture capital

fund for Toyo Kanetsu K.K. to promote new business development

and “Open Innovation”.


This is the document of the brief Introduction and outline

of Toyo Kanetsu Corporate Venture Investment Partnership.

Thank you!



To all investment candidate startups,


A Japanese corporate venture capital fund, Toyo Kanetsu Corporate Venture Partnership (TKCV) is now looking for investment candidates.


TKCV is funded by Toyo Kanetsu K.K., a Japanese company listed in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the fund was just recently established in October, 2017.


Toyo Kanetsu K.K. ( http://www.toyokanetsu.co.jp/global/ ), a limited partner (LP) of the fund is the world’s second largest tank manufacturer for petroleum and LNG in the energy industry and Toyo Kanetsu Solutions K.K. (http://www.tksl.co.jp/en/company/index.html ), a 100% subsidiary of Toyo Kanetsu K.K., is Japan’s leading company of logistics systems specialized in material handling services for e-commerce companies, airports, 3PLs (third party logistics) and so forth.


TKCV possesses approximately 4.5 million dollars in total funds with a period of 5 years, possibly extendable to a maximum of 7 years.


As a general partner (GP), TC Consulting Co., Ltd. (TC) is managing the fund, with Dr. Satoshi Tomita, CEO & President of TC, acting as the chairman of the investment committee.


The goal and purpose of TKCV is to acquire new technologies and business ideas externally leading to future business developments for the Toyo Kanetsu group with the concept of “Open Innovation”. Therefore, the fund will also be invested in different business fields from the two existing businesses of the Toyo Kanetsu group.


However, the main investment targets of TKCV are start-ups related to IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence).


In addition, TKCV does not seek IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) to the investee companies, but rather hopes that the investee companies will collaborate with the Toyo Kanetsu group in an alliance. We also welcome the possibility that the investee companies will grant the rights of their technologies, products, or services to conduct business developments in Japan.


Dr. Satoshi Tomita, a keyman in the keyman clause of the partnership plans to visit San Diego about once every two months going forward. He certainly hopes to meet many promising start-ups and people supporting start-ups like CPAs, lawyers, and investors. Although he understands that you have tight schedules, he definitely hopes that you will have the time for a meeting with him.


Dr. Tomita also holds the position of professor of the Graduate School of Business Administration at Rikkyo University, belonging to Tokyo’s top six universities league. He is in charge of Management of Technology (commercialization of IoT and applied AI), Alliance Strategy, and Venture Financing. He received his Ph.D. from Keio University by the research of mathematical models for corporate alliances. He has a special career as a venture capitalist, achievements of several IPOs, and distinguished experiences providing his consultation to more than 180 client companies in 10 years as a consultant for new business developments.

You can see his detailed profile at https://test2021.cvcjapan.com/wp/english/profile


Thank you for your consideration.

冨田 賢

Satoshi Tomita, Ph.D.