The funds managed by CVC JAPAN presently

The First Fund

Toyo Kanetsu Corporate
Venture Investment
Partnership (TKCV)

CVC JAPAN is entrusted with the operation of CVC funds from Toyo Kanetsu Corporation (manufacturer of large tanks for petroleum and logistics systems) listed on the first section of the TSE. When the first fund completes its investment activities, we will work on launching new business through collaboration.

First Fund (500 million yen) October 2017 ~
Period: 5 years (maximum 2 years extension)

Fund Investment Committee The chairperson and the main investment officer (Key-man) in charge is Dr. Satoshi Tomita, president of CVC JAPAN

Major investments

* Investments from 25 million yen to over 100 million yen per company
* This fund has already been finished to invest.

  • 01

    AI (Artificial Intelligence) startup in Los Angeles

  • 02

    Computer Vision unmanned store system startup in San Diego

  • 03

    BtoB matching site operations startup in San Diego

  • 04

    Startup companies of spin-off IoT devices from major Japanese companies

* Due to confidentiality obligations, we can not disclose any further information.

  • The investment stage is the stage when investing early, such as at the Convertible Note stage before Series A or the Series A stage, and has primarily gained a lead investor’s position.

  • Investment targets are centered on technologies such as AI, IoT, and robotics. Presently, life science and biotech are not subject to investment.

  • As a follow-up system, in addition to conducting regular meetings monthly, in addition to obtaining a position of the board (board of directors) observer for US companies, grips the situation of the investee company, and the company of the fund investor. We promote the launch of new business through collaboration with the company

As investment execution progressed steadily for our first fund in October 2018, in just one year from the establishment of the first fund, we set up Toyo Kanetsu Corporate Venture Capital Fund II as our second investment fund with 500 million yen and soon commenced operation. We actively continue to focus on discovering investment projects in San Diego, expand the investment area to Singapore and expand the scope of investment targets for not only AI and IoT but also for finding profitable business model projects. We also seek projects in Australia, etc. as a niche strategy.